Why Today's Accountants Need IT Skills

For years, technology has been taking a larger role in nearly every aspect of everyday life. From boxes of receipts to spreadsheets filled with data to increasing complex software, accounting is not an area that has been exempted from these changes. Look to the STP transition for a recent example. That’s why today’s accountants, in addition to more traditional skill sets, need to be at the forefront of the latest technology in their industry.

Information Intertwined

With new advancements in software every day, information technology and accounting can no longer afford to be separate entities. Today’s accountants use a wide range of software solutions to set you on the right path for your business. Every business is different, and accountants can use their knowledge to tailor to your individual needs. Instead of one approach for multiple clients, new software solutions allow knowledgeable accountants to provide multiple approaches that are customised for you, and are able to assist in determining which fits.

Support When You Need IT

Today’s accountants are on the front lines of the software revolution. The latest software allows greater integration than ever before, and this is something that can be of great benefit to you and your business. Not only do accountants have to be able to assist in determining software solutions that suit the demands of your business, but they also need to be able to provide training and support for these solutions. Without training and support, these solutions would be largely useless, making this newer aspect of accounting more important with each new day.

Eliminating Waste & Automating Processes

An accountant skilled in information technology can help you to make your small business run seamlessly in an increasingly hectic world. With newer software, bookkeeping can be as easy as snapping a photo of a receipt and letting your accountant take it from there. Cloud-based technology is allowing companies to develop software with incredible integration potential. Accounting software can communicate with suppliers, report income tax and super information to the ATO, and even make suggestions based on decisions that other users have made.

Another benefit to cloud-based accounting is the ease of access. Instead of all of your documents being on one computer (or possibly carried from computer to computer on a USB drive), your data is secured in the cloud and can be accessed from any computer with a connection to the internet.

Cloud-based accounting is moving in the direction of complete automation. In the near future, your accounting software could be pulling and paying bills from your suppliers, preparing invoices for you for your services, and automatically reconciling with your bank, nearly (or even completely) eliminating the need for you to lift a finger. For now, you’ll want to make sure that your accountant is as up-to-date on the latest technology as possible, otherwise you could be left behind.

Experience Where IT Counts

Navigating the newest technologies in accounting can be stressful. The accountants at TCA Darwin are leading the way in accounting technology. Our staff are experts in the latest and more commonly used cloud accounting software, including Xero, Intuit QuickBooks, MYOB Essentials, and more. We’re even partnered with ServiceM8. We can help you navigate this new world and offer advice to help your business reach its full potential. Schedule an appointment with our Darwin or Palmerston office today and we’ll work to find solutions that work for you.