3 Easy Tips for Teaching Your Employees to Create Goals

Chances are if you’ve created your own business, you are well acquainted with the art of creating goals. Whether long or short term, goals become our road map to success and growing. We’ve discussed how to make quarterly goals for yourself, now let’s discuss how to help your employees with learning the basics needed to create their own goals.

Looking Inward & Outward

Reflection is an important piece to the process of creating goals. To help your employees get started, have them look inward. Ask what do they need to do in order to positively impact their experience with your company. Maybe it means making their sales quotas or successfully closing a big deal. Now have them reflect on how achieving this goal will impact your company. The point of this step is to link their happiness with the success of the company. Both need to work together to meet each others needs. Now that your employees have brainstormed ideas, you can move on to creating action.

Creating Action  

Have employees make a list of what actions they need to do in order to positively impact the company. This will help your employees see the endgame. Have them create one large goal and break it down into smaller items that need to be done in order to succeed. This will give you all a better sense of the timeline your working in and how long it will take to reach these goals. Now have the employees assign due dates to each piece of the goal so that they can easily track their milestones. Once these steps are done, it is time to let your employees get to work!


Finally, remember to not have this goal generation be a one time event. Instead, set up a time when you can check-in with your employees to see what they’ve accomplished and how they can better create goals for the futures. Focus on how their goals have brought them to this moment and what needs to happen going forward. If they’ve reached their goals, then turn your sights to the futures. Start the process over again! If they did not meet their goals, analyze which what didn’t work and make a plan on how to improve their actions.

By having these open, honest discussions with your employees, you will be building their goal making skills as well as your relationship with each other. If you are too busy with your own goals to set up these meetings, then partner employees up with a accountability buddy to hold them accountable for their goals.

Goal creation is a key piece in helping your employees and your business grow. By investing the time into teaching your employees these tools, you will also invest in the success of your business. If you need further guidance on how to make your business prosper, Contact TCA Darwin for further information.