6 Advantages of Using Intuit Quickbooks Online

We’ve talked before about how cloud accounting can make your business easier and the different ways that cloud accounting has changed business. One of the brands keeping up pace in the cloud accounting revolution is the Intuit developed QuickBooks Online (QBO). QuickBooks was first created as an accounting software in 2002, sold on CD Rom for local hard drives. But QuickBooks has adapted with the times, well, quickly. In the start of the next decade, Intuit released QuickBooks Online, allowing businesses to conduct their accounting through an online server rather than being bound to any one computer. There are a number of reasons your business can benefit from using Intuit QBO. Here are some of our favorites:

An Easy Investment

The most basic QBO plan is Simple Start for just $15/mo, a good choice for small startups who want to keep it simple. QBO Essentials, the most popular plan according to Intuit, costs a monthly subscription of $35/mo. Both of these plans come with free cloud storage and free updates. But what does that include besides a way to keep track of your income and expenses? Well, there are tools to minimize your tax deductions, send invoices to customers, track time and sales, and with the multiple users feature, your whole team can log in and edit your QBO account. And of course, because it’s all stored in the cloud, you can access it from any device. Not only is QBO affordable, but it makes your accounting and billing process so much more efficient that it easily makes up the cost.

Less Paper, Less Hassle

Everyone’s trying to move to paperless systems. Not only does it make organization easier, but it cuts down on cost and waste for your business, making things more efficient. With Intuit QBO, it’s all done digitally. Gone are the days of paper invoices. Now you can email invoices automatically to clients. With connections to Paypal, Square, Amex, and most banks, clients can pay digitally and download their receipts. Rather than saving all of your receipts and bills throughout the year, you can scan them into your QBO app and keep the information without keeping the paper. Perhaps best of all, the app takes care of processing all on its own, so you don’t have to hassle with it.

Accounting From Anywhere

Have your employees been begging for the opportunity to work from home? With QBO, there’s no need to show up at your desk and sign in to your work computer. You can access your accounting from wherever you have a mobile device and the QBO app. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, sick in bed, or at the office, you can stay on top of all your booking needs. QBO has made the accounting world much more flexible for everyone involved.

Efficient Expense Tracking

Many businesses will bill clients for travel, meals, and other work related expenses. In the past, they had to keep a written log of mileage and other expenses, in order to log it into their desktop accounting software at the end of the day. Now, QBO Pro allows an easy way to record expenses, and even track mileage when driving from place to place for work. It’s another way to go paperless and to rid yourself of the headache of having to juggle countless reports.

Integrate Back and Forth

Intimidated by the idea of switching to a new accounting system? What happens to all your data? With QBO, you don’t have to worry. You can upload data from past systems into QBO, and even export data from QBO to other systems that you might use for accounting or tax prep. Maybe you keep a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel and need to add that data into QBO or integrate data from QBO into Excel. With the integration system of Intuit QBO, that’s no problem. Free yourself of the headache and get back to your tax prep.

Customize Your Invoices

With Intuit QBO, you don’t have to settle for one standard invoice and lose your brand in the process. There are a number of customization options. You can choose the format, the colors, and add your logo to invoices so that they suit your business. After all, QBO serves hundreds of thousands of businesses and no two are alike. You can also add customized descriptions to each item and messages to each invoice, making them easier for customers to understand exactly what they’re paying for.

Although not as fully featured or easy to use as Xero, QBO offers an affordable alternative in the cloud accounting space which is why TCA Darwin promotes this software when helping startups & small businesses choose and implement an affordable cloud accounting solutions. Contact us today for more information.