How Can Cloud Accounting Make Your Business (And Your Life) Easier?

First, let’s get this sorted out once and for all:

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What Is “the Cloud”?

The cloud describes any data that can be accessed from any device. Back in ye olden days (fifteen or so years ago), information was typically saved to an individual's computer and could only be accessed elsewhere through emailing files or the use of a USB port. This was before we reached a point at which there were more mobile devices than people on earth. People are more likely to access information from their phones or tablets than computers, so data access had to advance to keep up.

Now any time you check your bank account online and then leave the house and use mobile banking, you’re benefitting from “the cloud.” The information is not stored in any particular device. It exists in a figurative “cloud” somewhere in between and can be accessed from any device at all.

“The cloud” can even help you with your accounting. How?

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Automatic Updates Make Sure Your Information Is All Up To Date

Accounting can be a mess of information and documents, and if it’s not up-to-date, the process of organizing it and bringing it up-to-date can be a nightmare. This may have been a problem with accounting softwares of the past, but cloud accounting has made this potential for disaster a veritable nothing-berger.

All of your accounting documents will be in the same place, no need to ensure that you’ve printed off five back-up copies. When you update it once, you update it everywhere. Update your books from your mobile app, hit save, and it will automatically update to your accounting on every device. If your client makes an online payment, that goes into your cloud accounting software automatically.

If you have a busy schedule, your accounting may change several times throughout the day. Don’t worry. Cloud accounting can keep up with you. And when you can’t do it alone…

Your Whole Team Can Access Your Accounting Software from Anywhere

If your accounting team has been begging you for the opportunity to work from home, this may be their happy day. With cloud accounting software, your whole team can access your books and invoices and update them as they work. Because it’s remote and can be accessed from any device, they can do it anywhere: their office, home, the beach. If you need a day off, but you still want to keep up with your books, you can check your app from time to time, and then get back to your vacation.

With fraud protection to guard against unauthorized access, cloud accounting software allows everyone that needs access to your accounting in and keeps those you don’t want out.

It Saves You Money

With local accounting softwares, you have to pay for the initial purchase, for updates, for virus scans, and troubleshooting. Here again, cloud accounting makes things less of a headache. With cloud accounting software, the software company takes care of any updates and troubleshooting themselves, and you just pay for your app with a monthly subscription. If you no longer need it, you just cancel your subscription, so you don’t pay for anything that you end up not using.

TCA Darwin partners with some of the leading names in cloud accounting software: Xero and Intuit Quickbooks. We offer assistance in selecting and setting up your cloud accounting service, training, and even remote bookkeeping. Contact us today to talk about your accounting needs. Cloud accounting can make your business and life easier, but TCA Darwin can make cloud accounting easier - a win-win!